The studio at the Glashaus

“IN THE STUDIO… the clay is prepared, rolled, shaped, cut and then pressed into hand-crafted molds. As each piece is completed it is placed on shelves to dry thoroughly. Drying takes a week or more and depends on external factors such as weather. Each piece must be turned many time to avoid too much distortion.

The Kiln is stacked for the 1st firing of 8-10 hours depending on the type of clay. Then cooled for at least 12 hours,  the pieces are now Bisque. The decorating and brush glazing come next. It can take up to 4 coats of glaze, drying between each coat.

Next, the Kiln is stacked again for the 2nd firing. This is a much more delicate procedure as pieces will stick to one another or to the kin shlef if touching anything. Firing and cooling again takes as much time as the 1st firing. Each time you open the Kiln, it is with trepidation! Always hoping for success.

What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to have created something so beautiful from a piece of clay!”

– Doreen Mellen

Doreen Mellen Ceramic Studio photo 1
Doreen Mellen Ceramic Studio photo 2
Doreen Mellen Ceramic Studio photo 3
Doreen Mellen Ceramic Studio photo 4